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Example Result:

Using the width and border parameters, you can easily center smaller boxes if you're having trouble centering them:


Copy and paste the template code and enter your corresponding usernames in the corresponding fields. You can leave those you don't have blank.

{{Interwiki Brugersider
|Foundation = 
|Wikipedia =
|Wiktionary =
|Wikiquote =
|Wikibooks =
|Wikisource = 
|Wikispecies = 
|Wikinews = 
|Wikiversity = 
|Commons = 
|Incubator = 
|Meta = 
|Mediawiki = 
|width = <!-- Use this parameter to override automatic width if you have centering problems. Format: [number]px (e.g. 500px)-->
|border = <!-- Use this parameter to show border. This helps with centering your box. Format: [number]px  (e.g. 1px)-->

Using the width and border parameters you can restrict the size of the box so users with smaller resolutions get a side scroll bar instead of having the boxes wrap down. If you're having trouble centering your box, these two parameters are also very useful.

See who's using it: Transclusions

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