Lys og farvers påvirkning af børn og voksne:text

Fra Wikibooks, den frie samling af lærebøger

1. - Heading. - That number of images make to till the thesis.

2. - Sunup. - The light coming debarsschliesst the sun - without solar nowhere light and zero colours.

3. - Trees in mist. - Mist. Alder-trees. Defilement turns off the colours.

4. - Children. - Up the sun coming the colours blithesome.

5. - Newtons colour-circle. - Is about a 1700 have Newton riven the sun and discovered that it consisted of those 7 colours.

6. - Vej set through prism. - View we through et prism arise there spektrums at all transitions debarsschliesst light till murk.

7. - Goethes Colour-circle. - Is about a 1800 study Goethe the colour-phenomenon, and define a colour-circle up 6 colours.

8. - Rainbow. - But he understood none knowing the rainbow formes a the drops prism-effect.

9. - Ittens colour-circle. - Itten delicate the colour-circle up 12 colours. In the middle at three primary colours.

10. - Patchwork. - Here be used a patchwork-quilt.

11. - Heading. - The colours physical leverage.

12. - Kandinsky. - The colours influence on psychical on children and grown ups. At affects our conduct and moods, on we mood and working capacity. Colours may give euphoria the may give a moody asmosfære.

13. - Handicap-center. - Of on Herlev Infirmary inside they on handicapcenteret in Hillerød be used him a elating colours.

14. - Goethes. - Goethe ascribed to the colours psychological importance: farve-egenskaber: Blushing lie fancy / Green lie sensualism / Yellow is sense / Blue is intelligence.

15. - Goethes home. - Goethe lived up to his regions colour-theory up various colours home in his rooms.

16. - Doll's house. - Here has we et barbie-doll's house up colours.

17. - Blushing tulip. - Then red pigment gets puls the pulsation faster; red gives afflatus and procure a ambience in front good ideas.

18. - Yellow lea. - Yellow are in charge of futurity and relocation and joy and fortune.

19. - Children in the water. - Blue will few puls the slower and give repose and complacency.

20. - Grass. - Green are in charge of hope.

21. - Children in fastelavns-tøj. - Will also modern children user the colours and love et dress to.

22. - Totem pole. - The elector stronger colours a on that totem pole.

23. - Graffiti. - While children, there limner up dystre colours a here, obviously inside et problems.

24. - Heading. - Lysets influence on humanity.

25. - Queen in solar. - Several humanity is special sensitive to wanting light. At becomes deprimerede, sleeping better and hungrer a corbohydrates. A look was each daytime may relieve it.

26. - Children on lea. - The sun is life giving. The sun ghost optagelsen a Vatamin D.

27. - Children in sandbox. - It's on that account much conceitedly knowing the children coming to in the sun each daytime.

29. - Heading illustration indoor.

30. - Village church. - Wheter the light flows in this the church - cvan you picture it divinely light.

31. - Roskilde. - - there gives the room trim and dignity.

32. - Light in rooms. - In an rooms on the other hand, can we absorb the sun up curtains, there are up the form the colour in the room.

33. - School-room. - In that schooling for this reason zero windows - to a few faded skylight, and they can want the lighting on all day. At grown ups got megrim and the children got mope by the white light without shadows.

34. - PH lamps. - Poul Henningsen designed his lamps till living room. The lamps inside the coloured monitors in order that rectify on it the electric light.

35. - Illum. - Up the light inside they get it massive emporium till to get up inviting.

36. - blue wall. - one can few some kind of distinctived consequences up lamps and fashionable colour of wall.

37. - yellow cleaner. - Goethe claims knowing view they through yellow glazing joy eyed and they gets to forward the grin.

38. - red cleaner. - while et red cleaner gives a feeling of doomsday.

39. - Blue cleaner. - To be seen through blue glazing view al sadly to.

40. - Heading. - The light in the landscape.

41. - Backlighting. - The backlighting gives a dampened range of colours.

42. - Backlighting. - Is standing we a here ig looking sunward, dominates at darkness colours.

43. - Front-lighting. - But a we debarsschliesst same location looking up the light, gets we all at colours want to see, as the subject inside.

44. - Light of springtime. - It very springtime is known at pastel-tones.

45. - Blue dam. - While the summers colours is stronger.

46. - Apple blossom. - The apple blossoms think to oneself grey-white, because ..

47. - Apple tree. - We get a mixture a pink and white petal, green leaf and red stamens.

48. - Solar and shade. - The children thatyou enjoy solar and shade in the park.

49. - Fungal. - Will also nature may form his regions paintings. Here are it fungal on a stump.

50. - reflection. - Water offer a illimitable diversification a colours. It be reflected empyrean or background.

51. - Boats on strand. - - and making thereat so called "light-fields".

52. - Sundown. - The sunset may to be et much beautiful sight of colours, whether it's over et quietly sea -

53. - Turbulent sea. - Or a here Turners vision a a ship in distress. Turner was very occupied with Goethes chromatology, but was disagree in, that red pigment was incendiary.

54. - Heading. - The coloured shadows.

55. - Shade. - The snows shadows is blue or lilla because at to stop light debarsschliesst then blue celestial.

56. - Thing up blue snow. - In the light of it yellow light debarsschliesst the sun, view the shadows much more blue to.

57. - Children in snow. - Then blue celestial gives snow pigment.

58. - Histrionic. - Shade inside regularly complementary colour till the surroundings. Here in Palæets yellow yard reflect the yellow pigment, that the shadows gets a lilla tonic.

59. - Cornfield. - The light requiring far down in an cornfield, that all the shadows becomes yellow

60. - Bonfire. - The smoke becomes blue, constantly it is colourless. It's the particles blue shadows there brightening A winter day in which the sun stood shallow and shined explicitly, that a 6-year girl and a full grown on fire of firewood. On the question if the fires pigment, she answered: "there are yellow, orange and awhile blue, the smoke is blank, gray and blue" "The flames inside such noble former (showed up the arms) - the changes constant. There are will also grade and the ash is blank and gray, earth is grade" she told up heavy joy, and deeply concentrated to look.

61. - Heading. - Experiments up light and pigment. Such experiments required a very thorough build up and Arrangement about the practical things. Extension cords, slide projector there have to functioning and the room have to can blacked out. Despite okay plan may unforeseen issues arise. At children there rather would look video, been sorry for as hind, and come in order that look what happened.

62. - Soap bubble. - Constantly the attempts is dense planned, want the children's curiosity a bring with one knowing at explore others way to to use materials on. It unpredictable and unpredictable want a be present, in which children experiment and explore world. It required as knowing care taker gives place and lodgings to this. Wheter the children gradually becomes wrapped up in the experiment, arise there a Humour a joy and eye opener.

63. - Tops. - The tops give resplendent till lot of surprise.

64. - Tops. - Particularly when to black and white peaks was able to display colours

65. - Look in prisms. - Will also the prisms the coloured spektre filled with enthusiasm and surprised the children. It was funnily want to see modern children was equally fascinated of this phenomenons a Goethe and Newton in his time was it.

66. - Bottles Light through bottles up coloured fluid. Kiss through et yellow glazing and to blue glazing to be seen a green. Light through 3 glazing blue and 3 glazing yellow got scarlet. It's to at red beams there are through then the coloured fluid.

67. - Foil. - Dalliance up coloured foil.

68. - Lamps. - The coloured lamps may make white mix of light.

69. - Display. - The coloured lamps appeal much till the children's fancy. At vessel trying maked there the coloured shadows on a display, as to it light, there wheter display, decides the shadows pigment.

70. - Blushing bracket. - In 2 hrs experimented 9 children up colours and moves. At lost altogether lose all the track of time, and was boats surprised and irritated, when at will end.

71. - Green bracket. - In the start was the experience at ourself knowing to throw the coloured shadows it primary, hind created at painting up at the coloured light, using shift the lamps in relation to one another. At diskus, what was beautifulest.

72. - Green. - Then onerousness harrow look changed the children the room till et rom of ghost. Using mix candels debarsschliesst each were nook, arised there et strange light of ghost. At others children got by turns curly indoors in order that look it. The light of ghost got arranged a a normally socially bad acting Laddie

73. - blushing shade. - At to work experimentally, a involves experiences of first-hand and regions experiences, achieves the children a greater appreciation and awareness about the colours world. A we thorough the attempts inside the children regularly told: "It's of then when---"

74. - Light. - Light-installation on the old ferry Sealand

75. - Light. - Light-installation on the old ferry Sealand

76. - Searchlight. - Searchlight in Thorvaldsens museum

77. - Histrionic. - Theatre-light till production a a humour

78. - Planche. - Planche about colours

79. - Planche. - Planche about colours

80. - Light wells. - Light wells up coloured foil. Wheter they putting things on the box changes the things pigment.

81. - Colours. - Then grizzle changes him up sundries coloured backdrop.

82. - Colours. - Showing how then red pigment dominates.

83. - Complementary colour. - Using gaze on it the coloured cardboard and next shift the glance for the white cardboard, to be seen a complementary colour.

84. - Goethes planche. - Through et prism to be seen the spektrum of colour at the transition debarsschliesst grade till blank.

85. - Heading. - The process of painting We selected at three primary colours using Goethes chromatology. Lemon coloured - glansen a then spirituals control Crimson - Active - productive - animated Ultramarine - sjælelivet - care - joy Up clean colours be avoided knowing the image becomes brown. At has picture that a lot painting who would. The process of painting consist of 3 phases: 1: Research 2: Absorbtion 3: Deep joy Prior to paint-progress got the children a short placement on how to limner Wet-in-wet

86 - Children. - At the beginning of paint-progress was talking and asked the children much. After want painted for some time, got at completely ask and a deep repose and concentration arised.

87. - Girls. - At this time of day have to care taker barn the children to be their own phraseology, and none shutdown those at never-ending the speech and has the right

88. - Girls. - Under that concentration arise a a connection in the subconsciousness between past and present tense.

89. - Girl. - The process have not to joy, but will also a inner grapple. A productive jiffy to get up under inner pressure. It want here appear about the child inside the creations heart.

90. - Brown. - Some of the children missing vessel heart. But through then adults encouragement, and by look at others picture, overcome at then inner grapple, till heavy indulgence and joy in front themselves.

91. - Painting. - A then deep concentration started the children knowing speak and grin, and was much exhilarated and filled with enthusiasm. That manner knowing picture on making the children brave and lively.

92. - Painting. - In an AFTER-SCHOOL CENTRE for this reason rately repose till absorbtion and adventure a intense joy. Too regularly becomes the children disabled in then aesthetically process