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"Lawbreakers, anti-maskers, and vandals are not welcome"

About me

Hello there, I'm SHB2000 (not my real name, and should that not be obvious) I mainly edit the English Wikivoyage where I am an administrator, but I am also active on other wikis as well. Such being the English Wikipedia and the Simple English Wikipedia where I'm a rollbacker, and do some other things too, the English Wikibooks, where I am a reviewer, the Nauru Wikipedia, where I'm also a sysop, do some file moving on Commons, also being a rollbacker, on meta, where just do some random patrolling at times, and finally the French Wikivoyage, where I just casually edit when I feel like it.

I live in Sydney, Australia, and my time zone is UTC+10 during the winter and UTC+11 during summer.

You might also see my activities on SWViewer. Yes, I do x-wiki mop and pail stuff. Though I am neither a global rollbacker or global sysop.

I do also have a GitHub page too, mainly for Wikivoyage maps.

My work

Disclaimer: * This information may appear in a mirror site. If it does, the original site is at and not anywhere else
  • Please only email me if it's anything that really needs to be kept anonymous. If not, then leave me a message on my talk page on the related project. But if it were to offend another user, then use email.

Contact me

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You can contact me via my talk page or via email (for autoconfirmed users). I don't use IRC, because the system looks too complicated for me to even work out how it works.